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  • Q: How Can You Help My Jaw Pain?

    Jaw pain and headaches may not seem like a problem a dentist can treat. However, our doctors have been trained in TMJ treatment, which can relieve jaw pain, teeth grinding (bruxism), and related migraine headaches. Our comprehensive care includes a detailed exam, diagnosis, counseling, oral appliances and medication if needed, and all follow-up care. Contact us today to get relief from your pain.

  • Q: Q: What Family Dentistry Services Can You Provide For My Loved Ones?

    Whether it’s time to book your child’s first dental visit or you need to schedule a full-mouth reconstruction, we can provide family dentistry options for you! We offer an array of dental services for patients of all ages so you won’t have to waste time driving from one specialist to the next!

  • Q: Q: What Can You Do To Improve The Appearance Of My Smile?

    No matter the smile flaw, we have a cosmetic dentistry service to rejuvenate your smile and your confidence! We offer dental veneers, teeth whitening, ClearCorrect custom aligner systems to straighten teeth, and more! You can even combine services for a custom smile makeover!

  • Q: Q: What Are My Dental Implant Options?

    Dental implants are a tooth replacement option that literally bonds with your jawbone to provide a strong foundation for dental crowns, dental bridges, and a variety of dentures! To ensure your comfort, we can provide anesthetic and dental sedation options to relieve dental anxiety during your implant procedure.

  • Q: Q: What Is Sleep Apnea And How Can You Relieve It?

    Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that causes the patient to repeatedly cease normal breathing while sleeping. We’ll help you determine the cause and provide custom oral appliances or other sleep apnea treatment options so you can sleep soundly again.

  • Q: Q: Can You Help Me Relax During My Appointment?

    You bet. We’re very big on patient comfort and we go to great lengths to help you have your best and most relaxed dental appointments ever. We have a variety of comfort options to ease your time in the chair. If you need a little more help, we’re happy to provide inhaled sedation or oral conscious dental sedation to settle your nerves.

  • Q: Q: Can You Help With My Jaw Problems?

    Problems with your jaw are often due to chronic teeth grinding and/or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). Dr. Kerbel will perform a careful examination. A custom oral appliance can often provide quick and lasting relief.