10 Old Wives’ Tales to Cure Snoring

Over 80 million people snore when they sleep. This is clearly not a new problem, unique to our generation. As you can see by these old wives’ tales, people have been on the hunt for a cure to the sleep-stealing syndrome for centuries:

  1. Rubbing toothpaste into your nostrils.
  2. Eating boiled onion.
  3. Sew a tennis ball into the back of your pajamas.snore
  4. Gargle with garlic.
  5. Place a pan of hot water under the bed.
  6. Sleep with a pacifier in your mouth.
  7. Rub the upper lip of the person snoring while asleep.
  8. Sip olive oil before bed.
  9. Do vocal and phonetic exercises to tighten throat muscles.
  10. Eat horseradish before bed.

If you or a loved one have a ‘snoring problem’ and these ideas seem outrageous to you, ask Dr. Kerbel about the ‘Silent Nite’ device. It’s been shown to work 70-100% of the time and is even comfortable to wear. Find out more about sleep apnea treatment today!

Sometimes, snoring can be a symptom of something more serious called obstructive sleep apnea. It is estimated that 10 percent of working men suffer from this. It’s caused by the tongue dropping into the back of the throat during sleep, restricting the airway and limiting the oxygen flow. When this happens, the snorer often gasps or snorts suddenly. As this occurs many times a night, the sleep cycle is interrupted causing daytime exhausting, headaches and moodiness.

If you think the snoring may be a symptom of sleep apnea, Dr. Kerbel offers a quiz to help you decide whether or not you need to be evaluated. For further questions, feel free to call the office at 972-360-9944 for more information about treatment options and how to get tested.

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