3 Fun Ways to Give the Gift of Whiter Teeth

Everyone is always searching for that one, unique gift that won’t end up at a yard sale or as a re-gift. In fact, in November and December, searches for gift ideas are one of the most popular internet searches nationwide. Dr. Kerbel’s office is here to help save you time and energy searching for the perfect gift. Who doesn’t love improving their appearance, especially with a safe, pain-free procedure like professional teeth whitening?

White Elephant Gift

Finding the perfect gift for your office party or family holiday get together can be really hard. You don’t know who is going to get your gift, so it’s hard to tailor to anyone’s specific interests. This is where the nearly universal love for self-improvement comes into play. Opening this gift will certainly put a smile on anyone’s face.

Coffee Mug

In a culture dominated by their morning, afternoon and sometimes evening “cup of Joe,” you can show your loved one that their teeth are beautiful to you but probably worrisome to themselves thanks to their love of coffee. Placing the certificate for teeth whitening inside a coffee mug or travel cup along with a small gift card for one cup of coffee is a great way to make them smile. You can even include a cute note that says “Now you can wake up and smell the coffee without worry!”

Wine Glass

Nothing tastes better with a nice steak dinner than a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. This guilty pleasure has opened the door for great themed social parties or even the simple but fun girl’s night-in. The only downside: teeth discoloration. Let your friends, family member’s or coworkers know that you love and support their wine hobby but still want them to feel confident about their smile. Place your teeth whitening gift certificate in a fun wineglass or tied around their favorite bottle of wine with a holiday ribbon. A cute note that says something like, “Life is short. Drink red. Smile white” would be the perfect pairing with this gift.

For more information on teeth whitening services and gift options, you can reach us at (972) 278-9901.