4 Reasons You Can Look Forward to Your Visit with Us

Television and movies have always portrayed visits to the dentist as something terrifying and worth dreading. Modern day dentists are on a mission to change the way people experience one of the most important offices they visit each year. Feeling relaxed and leaving your appointment feeling even more beautiful than when you walked in is a trend we at Dr. Kerbel’s office can really get behind! Here are four ways we are hoping will change the way you feel about a visit to the dentist:

Television in every room

Not only do we offer televisions in each room, but we also offer a huge variety of channels to choose from to suit your preferences. We have cartoons, news, and entertainment. You will find yourself so engrossed in your show that you will be surprised when Dr. Kerbel says “All finished!” We provide headphones, too, for an entirely immersive experience.

Chairs that rival even the nail salon

A back massage at the dentist? Yes, please! Not only have we put amazingly comfortable massage chairs in every treatment room, we even offer advanced chairs with the option for a heated massage. Recharge your teeth and your body at the same time.

Specialty coffee machines

The wait to see your favorite dentist passes even more comfortable with a delicious French vanilla roast in your hand. Coffee isn’t the only beverage available in case a cup of joe just isn’t your thing. We also provide water bottles and juice depending on what you’re in the mood for.

Online interactive tour of office

Research has shown that people who experience anxiety related to dental treatments feel more secure when they can see the office before they arrive. This gives them a chance to get their bearings and know what to expect. When they arrive it feels more familiar than had they walked in with no visual preparation. We offer an interactive virtual tour that allows you to click your way through our office. Our website also provides a full video tour of our lobby, office and exam rooms to help you feel at home when you arrive.

If you are looking for a new dentist or simply haven’t had a chance to experience all that Dr. Kerbel’s office has to offer, call to make an appointment today (972) 278-9901. You may just find yourself looking forward to a break from the work day to get a hot massage and coffee…..I mean, get your teeth cleaned.