These Aren’t Your Grandparents’ Dentures

Today’s dentures have come a long, long way from the uncomfortable and ill-fitting dentures of decades ago. That makes them an excellent option for people who want to replace missing teeth. At Gregory Allen Kerbel, DDS in Garland, TX, Dr. Greg Kerbel offers a variety of options of dentures to meet any need. About Dentures Dentures are designed ...

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Don’t Let Your Missing Teeth Haunt You!

At Gregory Allen Kerbel, DDS, we love to get to know our patients personally. It’s not uncommon for our patients to share their Halloween plans and gatherings with our Garland, TX dentists and staff. Many of them enjoy creating costumes for their kids. Others love having a scary movie marathon for their fright night. But we also hear about ...

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October Can Be Your Month To Get The Straight Teeth You Want

October is National Orthodontic Health Month! That may not mean much to you unless you have crooked, twisted, or misaligned teeth, bite problems, or gapped teeth. Orthodontics deals with with moving teeth into their proper positions so that you smile confidently and bite and chew comfortably. At Gregory Allen Kerbel, DDS in Garland, TX, Dr. Greg ...

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Are Dental Implants Right For You?

Dental implants have revolutionized the process of replacing missing teeth. Dental implants feel, look, and function just like your natural teeth. The durability of implants – with care, they can last the rest of your life – makes them a great investment in your smile and your oral health. At Gregory Allen Kerbel, DDS in Garland, TX, Dr  Greg ...

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It’s Time To Think About Your Dental Insurance

Happy October! Halloween is on the way, followed by Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. With everything that you have to focus on this time of year, there’s another that should be on your radar – your dental insurance. At Gregory Allen Kerbel, DDS in Garland, TX we want you to take full advantage of the dental insurance you pay for. Use ...

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Snap On A Brand New Smile!

If you’ve got strong, healthy teeth, congratulations! You’re doing a great job with your oral hygiene. But strong and healthy aren’t always exactly the same thing as attractive. People with good teeth don’t always have a great smile due to chips, cracks, stains, or other unsightly issues. Dental veneers are the usual solution for these ...

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The Best Dentists Keep Learning

The practice of dentistry is constantly changing and evolving. Dentists who want to provide the very best outcomes for their patients will invest heavily in continuing dental education. Dr. Greg Kerbel, DDS, of Gregory Allen Kerbel, DDS PLLC in Garland, TX does just that – and he ensures that his staff also receives continuing education to ...

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Do You Know What Causes Bad Breath?

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is an incredibly annoying and embarrassing problem to have. If you find that you are covering your mouth when talking with friends, avoiding romantic kisses out of fear, and chewing mints all day long, we can help. Treating halitosis means first understanding what is causing the concern. Take a look at the quiz ...

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Gum Disease Is Something to Take Seriously

Gum disease can be pretty sneaky. The most obvious early signs are seeing blood when you you brush or floss, but sometimes gum disease can get a foothold without making itself known. Left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss, bone loss, and deteriorating general health. Fortunately, Dr. Kerbel of Gregory Allen Kerbel, DDS in Garland, TX ...

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That Snoring Could Be More Than Just Annoying

Do you or a loved one have a tendency to rattle the rafters while snoring? If so, that nightly annoyance may be more than just an annoyance. It can actually be a sign of a potentially serious health problem. Dr. Greg Kerbel of Gregory Allen Kerbel, DDS, PLLC in East Dallas, TX may have the solution. Snoring Explained Snoring is usually caused by ...

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