Dental Compassion Trip to Haiti

We are back from Haiti! Thank you for your support and prayers as we traveled to Haiti with Lakepointe Church to serve those far less fortunate than ourselves. It was an overwhelming experience to see and treat those wonderful people as they struggle to get back onto their feet after the earthquake. So many children and adults are still without any of the basics that we take for granted like running water, food, and shelter. We couldn’t help them all but we made a significant impact while we were there in Port-au-prince.

Our dental team of three hygienists, 2 dental assistants, myself, and 4 auxiliaries were able to treat over 350 patients in 2 days, including surgery on 50 plus patients in which we removed 90 teeth. Stephanie, my amazing assistant of many years, traveled with me and was invaluable to our team’s success in caring for these people. We turned a church into a dental MASH unit using portable surgical equipment and the entire church as our waiting room. We are overwhelmingly blessed and it was truly a privilege sharing what we have to offer with the people of Haiti.

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