Dentistry without Anxiety

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Many people become a little nervous before visiting the dentist, but if you suffer from dental anxiety or dental phobia, you may avoid going altogether. It’s estimated that 30 to 40 million Americans stay away from the dentist’s chair due to anxiety. It’s not surprising that these people have a higher risk of gum disease and tooth loss than their non-phobic peers. Their decayed or worn-down teeth may also result in embarrassment, a reluctance to smile, and diminished self-confidence.

A general rule of dentistry is that the longer a problem is allowed to progress without intervention, the more invasive the treatment. When someone skips regular checkups and comes in only when compelled by pain or another urgent issue, they will likely be subject to a more complex procedure, which will feed into their fears.

So if you suffer from dental anxiety or dental phobia, it’s in your best interest to visit our office every six months for a thorough cleaning and examination.

At Gregory Allen Kerbel, DDS, PLLC, we understand that dental anxiety is a pervasive and very real phenomenon. We don’t dismiss your fears. We do everything we can to make you comfortable, put you at ease, and give you a truly calming dental experience. Book an appointment at our Dallas, TX area office. Call 972-360-9944.


A Beautiful Office and Soothing Staff

Walk into our office, and you won’t get the cold, clinical feeling of the typical dental practice. Our reception and waiting area has the look of a charming, beautifully decorated home with a comfortable couch and upholstered chairs, artwork, and a well-stocked beverage bar.

A deep, sophisticated color scheme gives the office a soothing and homey ambiance.

Our dental team is experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled with putting even the most nervous patients at ease.

At your first appointment, you won’t be made to feel like you’re just another patient. You will meet with Dr. Kerbel, Dr. Callier, or Dr. Margolin, plus one of our kind team members, who will inquire about your reasons for coming, listen to any concerns you have, and discuss how we can “care for you for life.” We will not rush you through the appointment; initial visits at Gregory Allen Kerbel, DDS typically last an hour and twenty minutes.


A Comfort Menu of Amenities

At our Dallas area office, we strive to take care of the whole patient. This means we don’t just focus on what’s inside your mouth (though we provide uncompromising clinical care of course!). It’s also a priority for us to make sure that every patient who walks through our doors is relaxed, comfortable, and wants to come back. We provide a comfort menu of amenities designed to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

  • Enjoy a hot or cold drink from our beverage bar while you wait for your appointment.
  • Is it a dentist’s office or spa? Heated massage chairs keep your mind and muscles relaxed while we work on your mouth.
  • We have ceiling-mounted TVs with headphones in our operatories. During your procedure, distract yourself with a favorite show or movie.
  • We offer two levels of sedation to take the edge off anxiety: nitrous oxide and the more powerful oral (pill) sedation.
  • When it’s all over, we will give you a delicious and refreshing smoothie to take on the road.

We understand that kids may get nervous at the dental office too. We are a family dentist, and offer comfort options just for the little ones: coloring books, a wagon filled with toys to keep them entertained, and, of course, they are free to watch cartoons or other kids’ shows on our ceiling-mounted TVs.


Dental Technology Benefits Patients

If you are like many people with dental anxiety, your fears may be at least partially rooted in a negative experience at a dentist’s office in the past. We have some very good news for you: dental technology has progressed enormously in recent decades, and today’s cutting-edge treatments and equipment deliver better results faster with far less discomfort.

At Gregory Allen Kerbel, DDS, we adopt technology that will provide our patients with a more comfortable experience. Our X-rays are digital and we have a DIAGNOdent cavity detection system — which uses a laser to non-invasively discover cavities that are too small to be detected by the naked eye. When we catch cavities in a very early stage, we can avoid more invasive treatments later on.


Whether you suffer from dental anxiety or you just want a better, more enjoyable (yes, enjoyable!) experience, Dr. Gregory Allen Kerbel, DDS offers the perfect balance of superior dental care and patient-centered care.

To book an appointment at our Dallas, TX area office, fill out our convenient online form and we will get back to you promptly. Or call 972-360-9944.