Keeping your Teeth Healthy in the Zombie Apocalypse

One thing zombie movies and television shows have in common are the pearly white teeth of the survivors. No matter how realistic the depiction is of this hypothetical world, research has shown that people still want to see actors and actresses with nice teeth playing the roles. So, hypothetically how could you keep your teeth looking as good as theirs if you found yourself in their shoes?

Supply Raids

All of these films or shows discuss the importance of supplies and resources. After getting the essentials to survive such as food, medicine, and shelter, focus on finding oral health supplies. Don’t forget tools as well in case you’re forced to perform some DIY dentistry in an emergency.

History Repeats Itself

Understanding how people in ancient civilizations cared for their teeth can be really helpful when you find yourself with limited resources. Once your supply of oral hygiene products has diminished, there are some basic ways to maintain your health and hygiene as much as possible. The earliest nations used rags and water. Wiping the teeth a few times a day with a wet rag can actually really help reduce the build up of plaque and bacteria. Before toothpaste, a paste was made with baking soda and water. Not only does this clean, but it also whitens. Just don’t swallow it and rinse well.

Back to the Basics

One of the reasons ancient civilizations didn’t have as much trouble as you’d expect with decaying teeth is because their diets contained far fewer sugars and carbohydrates. They also chewed on leaves like mint for fresh breath as the most basic form of gum. Toothpicks were also made out of stick and twigs to remove food particles stuck in the teeth. So, being smarter about what you eat would be of the utmost importance if access to modern medicine becomes impossible.

The likelihood of a zombie apocalypse is amusingly low, but it’s still fun to play out these scenarios. Evidence of this is shown in the mass following of these television shows and movies in recent years. For now, a simple trip to our office can help you easily keep your teeth in perfect health. Call us today at 972-564-8688 to schedule an appointment or go here to request one online.