Kerbel Dental Team Christmas Party

Dr. Kerbel dental team christmas party

Our patients always comment on how “happy” our team seems to be and how we seem to “really enjoy” our work. Well that is true and what makes it even better is that we genuinely appreciate each member of our team and “yes” we really do like one another. There is a lot of laughter, and yes good old-fashioned fun, around the office and that makes for really enjoyable days together.

We never miss an opportunity for a good time and this past Christmas had a great time of celebration. We started out with our favorite past time, going out to eat, and then followed by giving out some gifts, and then the competitions began. We challenged one another at laser tag and also went head-to-head on the go-cart track and yes there was some serious “bumping”, contrary to the posted “no bumping” signs.

As we close out 2012 we hope your new year is filled with blessings, laughter, and appreciation for all we have been given.

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