Life May be Easier if it was Barbie Reminding Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Are your kids having trouble remembering to brush their teeth before bed? Mattel’s newest creation is called Hello Barbie Hologram, and it can be set up to give daily reminders such as reminding kids to brush their teeth. It can help with their morning and nighttime routines in other ways, as well, by offering features like an alarm clock and night light.

Dr. Gregory Kerbel, DDS, Dallas areas family and cosmetic dentist says, “Research done by the CDC, says that 42% of children under 11 experience cavities in their baby teeth. Cavities are one of the most common childhood ailments, and although they’re preventable for the most part, it can be a challenge to get kids on board with a solid and consistent oral hygiene routine. Anything that makes it more fun and encourages consistency is a step in the right direction.”

The Hello Barbie Hologram debuted at New York City’s Toy Fair and is expected to make it into stores sometime later in the year. The toy features speech recognition and a Bluetooth speaker. The hologram is encased in a box that projects the 3D animation of Barbie inside of it, so you won’t be able to pick her up or touch her. Along with the voice commands and responses, parents can use their mobile devices to program information such as birthdays and locations their kids would like to receive weather reports about.

Although there is no Ken version yet, a voice command will allow for the child to switch through other characters in Barbie’s world that have different hair and skin colors. You can also change her outfits and choreograph custom dance routines for her to dance along to.

Mattel has made it clear over the years it intends to keep Barbie moving in tune with emerging technologies. It hasn’t always been successful with its attempt to keep up with the changing landscape of the industry, but the brand continues to power through. Their first attempts to incorporate apps with the hands-on play of their products wasn’t overly successful, but in recent years they have shown progress.

In 2015, the first in the Hello Barbie line was released. The doll speaks and interacts with kids using Wi-Fi, analytics and advanced technology. In 2016, the new Barbie Dream House was released that uses voice control and speech recognition. One of the hottest holiday toys last season, kids are able to control everything from the lighting to the opening of doors. They can even turn the stairs into a slide with a simple voice command.

The new president of the company, brought on at the beginning of 2017, comes from Google and many believe it to be a sign that the company intends to make technology an even more integral part of their future.

Prices for the new holographic themed toy have not yet been released, but it’s certainly taking the internet and the New York City Toy Show by storm.