Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Gums through the Retirement Years

Every age group has unique dental needs. For example, patients entering their retirement years typically require restorations to combat wear and tear on the teeth along with comprehensive dental examinations to detect abnormalities such as oral cancer or conditions such as periodontal disease. Serving patients of all ages, our family dentist offers compassionate care for our older patients.

Common Dental Conditions that Affect Retirees

Years of wear and tear on teeth from eating and changes in mouth alignment often require the need for restorations such as crowns. Worn down teeth affect the way the lower and upper sets of teeth line up when the mouth is closed. When tooth wear is moderate to severe, this can increase a patient’s risk for tooth loss and present difficulty with oral function. In some cases, unrestored teeth may lead to jaw dysfunction and malocclusions, which contribute to facial pain and headaches. Restoring teeth can prevent further damage to the tooth while returning teeth to their proper size and shape.

Another condition that may strike older patients is gum disease. This condition involves the infection of gum tissue and when left untreated, can lead to gum recession and tooth loss. While inadequate oral hygiene is a common factor in the development of periodontal disease, hormonal fluctuations, certain medical conditions like diabetes, and many types of medications can also bring on this condition. Scheduling regular dental cleanings and checkups helps detect gum disease in its earliest stages. When gum disease is detected and treated early on, less invasive and costly treatments are needed to restore oral health.

Regular dental examinations are also an important factor in detecting oral cancer. Like other types of chronic health conditions, oral cancer is treatable and manageable when detected in its early stages. While oral cancer can certainly affect younger patients, older patients are at risk, too. During oral examinations, our family dentist will look for any abnormalities such as discoloration of tissue and lesions throughout the oral cavity. This important part of a checkup can literally save a patient’s life.

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