Make Dental Care Part of Your Busy Lifestyle [video]

Tooth Bonding | 3 | Gregory Allen Kerbel DDS, PPLC | Garland, TX

Between work, school, kids, social commitments, and just whatever life throws your way, you are busy. We get that. And we also understand that when you’re busy, you need to prioritize your time.

But if you’re tempted to put off that dental appointment, we urge you to reconsider. It may seem like an inconvenience, but good oral care — at home and at our office — pays off in the long run with a healthy smile for life.

Watch this video from the ADA to learn more. Then call Gregory Allen Kerbel DDS, PLLC at 972-360-9944 to book an appointment at our East Dallas, TX office. Or you may get in touch with us online.