Metal-Free Restorations Look & Feel Natural

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These days, there’s just no reason to get metal crowns or amalgam fillings. Our Garland, TX dentist office uses metal-free restorations that are both strong and match your real teeth.

We’ve searched for the best porcelain and composite materials that last long and look attractive. We use these materials to make dental crowns, fillings, inlays and onlays, and even dental bridges.

Say goodbye to a mouth full of metal and hello to natural-looking dentistry. Your dental repairs will be our secret – no need to show everyone what you’ve had done!

Take a look at our infographic to see the major benefits of natural restorations. Afterward, call Gregory Allen Kerbel, DDS at 972-360-9944. You can also schedule your visit with Dr. Kerbel or Dr. Callier online.