What is in-office teeth whitening?

There are multiple reasons why your teeth have assumed a drab, dull appearance or have become stained. The quickest (and economical) way to achieve a smile makeover is through the teeth whitening experience.

The steps to teeth bleaching are usually quite simple. A visit to the dentist or hygienist for a thorough cleaning to remove plaque and a dental exam will determine if you are a good candidate for whitening. If receding gum tissue or any breach in dental enamel is detected, these should be noted to help prevent sensitivity.

Your Zoom teeth whitening specialist has been trained to deliver this treatment with expediency; in addition they can keep you informed each step of the way. In one brief appointment your discolored or stained teeth will be transformed to display a dazzling smile.

The process is quite simple. The soft oral tissues and gums are barricaded from the whitening product to protect them. The whitener is applied and a laser is used to expedite curing.

When undergoing in-office teeth whitening, the final result is not always immediately evident as the lightening process can continue for up to two weeks. This is important for anyone preparing for follow up cosmetic repair. You will want to delay restoration treatment until teeth have achieved their final shade so your cosmetic dentist can make an exact match. Porcelain is not impacted by teeth bleaching so it is important to have teeth whitened before any restoration work is performed.

For patients who wish to whiten their teeth in the privacy of home or at their own speed, your cosmetic dentist can fabricate a custom tray for use at home. This is also great for use in touch up whitening.

There are many advantages in seeking professional assistance for teeth bleaching. First of all, the products used by your dental provider contain the most powerful whitening agents available. In addition, there is a trained dental professional available to address any questions or concerns you may encounter. With online or drugstore purchases, you’re on your own.

In-office or at home teeth whitening provides a smile makeover that is fast, easy, and economical. The result will last indefinitely with touch-up kits available as needed. To learn more about your whitening options, contact the office of Dr. Gregory Allen Kerbel at (972) 278-9901 today.