A Pleasant Dental Experience

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Most people don’t associate the dentist’s office with words like “pleasant,” “enjoyable,” and “relaxing.” But why is that? Are dental offices inherently cold and unwelcoming places? At Gregory Allen Kerbel, DDS, PLLC, we say absolutely not. We’ve set out to build a practice that places as much importance on patient comfort as it does on our top-notch clinical care. We strive to make patients of all ages — even young children — feel at ease.

And we believe we’ve succeeded. What keeps our patients coming back is not just our professional expertise and judgement. People return to us, year after year, because they actually enjoy being here.

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A Standout Staff

Our people are the best. It’s as simple as that. From our dentists to the hygienists to the dental assistants, the team members at Gregory Allen Kerbel, DDS, PLLC are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. We are as comfortable engaging with children as we are with adults. We have a deep understanding of dental anxiety, and are skilled at calming the nerves of even our most fearful patients. We are patient listeners, and are always happy to explain procedures in a way that’s comprehensive yet accessible. Dr. Kerbel has made the Super Dentists® list for seven years running!


A Spa-Like Environment

How many times have you walked into a dental or medical office — and knew immediately you were in a dental or medical office? The bright fluorescent lights. The sparse, uncomfortable furniture. The stark white walls. If you suffer from dental anxiety, this alone can make those nerves kick in.

The office of Gregory Allen Kerbel, DDS, PLLC is a different sort of environment altogether. Walk into our reception and waiting area, and you may think you’ve stumbled into a friend’s comfortable but beautifully decorated living room. One of our team members will greet you warmly and help you get checked in.

Boasting hardwood floors, dark furniture, and artwork on the walls, our nine private operatories are inviting, not clinical. We have heated massage exam chairs and ceiling-mounted TVs with headphones to keep you entertained (and distracted) during your procedures. We can also give you a longer appointment time if that will help make you comfortable. When you are done with your visit, we will send you away with a delicious and healthy smoothie to enjoy on the ride home.


A High-Tech Office

Thanks to improvements in technology, dentistry today is far more pleasant and less invasive than it was in the past. And the advancements continue. At Gregory Allen Kerbel, DDS, PLLC. we embrace technology that makes our patients’ experiences better.

  • The DIAGNOdent cavity-detection system is a hand-held pen that uses laser fluorescence to detect even tiny spots of tooth decay that conventional methods will miss. And it does so painlessly and non-invasively.
  • We use fully digital X-rays at Gregory Allen Kerbel, DDS, PLLC. Digital X-rays are fast and they expose you, the patient, to just a fraction of the radiation of conventional X-rays. We are able to view the images on a computer screen and enlarge or sharpen them as needed.
  • LANAP laser gum disease treatment is a less painful and less invasive alternative to traditional gum surgery. We are able to target diseased tissue more precisely and cleanly remove it — no scalpels or sutures required.


Sedation to Take the Edge Off

For some people with dental anxiety, TVs and massaging exam chairs aren’t enough to calm their nerves for a dental appointment. These patients may require some form of dental sedation to make their visit manageable. At Gregory Allen Kerbel, DDS, PLLC, we offer two highly effective forms of dental sedation to put anxious patients at ease.

  • Our lightest form of dental sedation is nitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas. This gas is administered through a mask placed on the face. The effect is mild, but it’s enough to reduce anxiety and help your appointment go more smoothly. Laughing gas is totally safe, even for children, and its effects wear off after the mask is removed. You will be able to drive home on your own after your appointment.
  • For some patients, laughing gas isn’t enough. For people with severe anxiety, we offer oral conscious pill sedation. You will take the pill before your visit and be in a relaxed state when you get here. You will need to arrange a ride to and from the office.


If you’d like to experience patient-centered dentistry for yourself, request an appointment through our web form. Or call the East Dallas, TX office of Gregory Allen Kerbel, DDS, PLLC at 972-360-9944.