Preventive Dentistry: Your first line of defense for a healthy smile

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A properly maintained smile is more attractive and healthier, and those health benefits reach well beyond the oral cavity to the rest of the body. Patients should establish a relationship with a dentist to get adequate preventive care that protects the smile from a variety of oral health issues.

Dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease can wreak havoc on your smile. If you take steps to minimize the presence of the oral bacteria that cause these issues, you can cut your chances of developing them or minimize the need for extensive, invasive treatment.

Regular checkups with your dentist are the cornerstone of preventive dentistry. If the dentist is examining your teeth and gums every six months, any changes or symptoms of concern can be spotted and treated early. At these office visits, the dentist also may take x-rays to get an interior view of your mouth’s structures to identify any problematic signs that are not visible at first glance.

Furthermore, the professional dental cleanings patients receive at these routine appointments reduce the levels of plaque and tartar found in the mouth. Those substances contain bacteria, and they collect along the gumline, where they can cause inflammation that can result in receding gums and, ultimately, tooth and bone loss.

Patients may get other preventive interventions like fluoride treatments or sealants to make the teeth stronger. Your dentist can make any recommendations that are appropriate for your case.

Of course, an important part of preventive dentistry is your home oral hygiene routine. Brushing and flossing as recommended by your dentist will help to keep bacteria at bay in between your semi-annual checkups. An anti-bacterial mouthwash may be recommended as well.

Your smile is one of your most important assets. Be sure to protect it by visiting your dentist on a regular basis to address any problems at early stages. If it’s been more than six months since your last check up, contact the office of Dr. Gregory Allen Kerbel at (972) 278-9901 to schedule an appointment.