Rebuild Your Smile with Full-Mouth Reconstruction

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World Oral Health Day is celebrated every year on March 20th in order to “raise awareness of the importance of good oral health and its significance in safeguarding general health and well-being.”

In the spirit of this day, we’d like to explore the problem of missing teeth. If you have permanent pearly whites missing from your mouth, you may think that it is merely a cosmetic issue. In fact, an incomplete smile can have serious consequences on your health.

Do you have multiple teeth in need of replacement? If so, you are a candidate for full-mouth reconstruction. To learn about your options, call the East Dallas TX, dental office of Gregory Allen Kerbel, DDS, PLLC. Dial 972-360-9944.



Restore Your Smile for Better Health

A large gap in your grin can make you hesitant to smile, perpetually self-conscious, and appear timid and closed off. You may avoid socializing, run away from the camera, and think twice about putting yourself out there for that promotion.

Your smile is super important. It’s one of the first things people notice when they meet you, and it reflects so much about your personality. Aesthetics and self-esteem are reason enough to replace your multiple missing teeth. But there is an even more important factor: your health.

  • An empty space in your smile makes an appealing home for harmful bacteria. They proliferate in those nooks and crevices, putting you at risk for tooth decay and gum disease. And this is not only bad news for your mouth, it’s bad news for your body. Research is showing that gum disease especially is linked with numerous systemic health problems, including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.
  • Your pearly whites need each other for support. When there’s an opening that shouldn’t be there, the surrounding teeth will begin to shift and move in. So your previously straight smile may become crooked. And you may begin experiencing issues with how your teeth fit together. And when your bite is off, you risk putting too much pressure on certain teeth which can lead to cracking and breakage. You also may experience TMJ and jaw pain.
  • In order for your jawbone to remain thick and healthy, it must be continuously strengthened by the acts of chewing and biting down. Think of it like exercise for your muscles. The stimulation of the bone by your teeth keeps it in great shape. If a tooth is missing from its socket, the jawbone underneath that area will weaken and eventually disintegrate.
  • When teeth — especially multiple teeth — are missing, it can be difficult to eat. You may compensate by putting more pressure on other areas of your mouth, leading to potential TMJ problems and tooth breakage. You also may need to restrict your diet, which not only is a big bummer, but can prevent you from getting adequate nutrition.

One more thing: remember that teeth not only enable us to chew and eat, they support the muscles of the face. When teeth are missing, that support is gone and the muscle begin to collapse, giving your face a sunken appearance. This look is incredibly aging.



Dental Implants with Dentures

You may have heard of dental implants. They are widely regarded as the gold standard of tooth replacement options, as they replace the entire tooth, including the root. They fuse with the jawbone, making them practically as stable as natural teeth. If you have a single missing tooth, the process is pretty straightforward. You have the titanium artificial tooth root surgically inserted into your jawbone, allow it to heal and the process of osseointegration to take place, then you return and receive your abutment (connector) and crown.

But if you have many teeth missing from your mouth, individual dental implants are prohibitively costly. Happily, you can get the stability, jawbone stimulation, and other benefits of dental implants if you do need to replace multiple teeth — even a full arch.

Implant-supported and implant-retained dentures combine a gorgeous full-arch denture with just a few dental implants. You won’t need to rely on sticky adhesives or suction for your denture to stay put. It will be completely stable in your mouth and won’t slip or fall out. You can eat whatever you want (yay!). Unlike conventional dentures, implant dentures feel totally natural. They don’t cover the roof of your mouth and are so comfortable, you may forget you have them! They preserve bone integrity and restore more biting force than traditional dentures.

We also offer All-on-4, a type of implant denture that supports a full arch of teeth on four dental implants.



Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a restoration that can replace a single tooth or several adjoining teeth. Conventional bridges rely on the adjacent healthy teeth to stay in place. We will need to remove enamel from each of them and top them with dental crowns. The crowns support an artificial tooth, or a pontic, in the empty space.

We can also place bridges atop dental implants for improved stability and comfort.



Conventional Dentures

Conventional dentures held in place by suction or adhesive are a cost-effective way to replace multiple missing teeth. They are also an excellent option for people whose jawbones are not healthy or thick enough to support dental implants. We offer full dentures, which replace an arch of teeth, and partial dentures, which replace a few teeth.

When you hear the word “dentures,” perhaps you think of your parent or grandparent with oversized, fake-looking teeth. We are thrilled to inform you that thanks to improvements in manufacturing and technology, today’s removable dentures are a completely different prosthetic than grandpa’s. And that’s a good thing.

We now have more precise methods for measuring your mouth, which means your dentures will be far better fitting and more comfortable than they would have in the past. Thanks to improved materials and digital manufacturing technology, your custom-made dentures will not have an artificial appearance. They will give you a natural-looking smile.


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