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ClearCorrect Invisible Braces in Garland, TX


Living with crooked teeth is more damaging than most people realize. In addition to affecting your self-confidence and making it hard to smile for pictures, crooked teeth can also make it more difficult to brush and floss properly, which can ultimately put you at higher risk for problems like gingivitis and periodontal disease. Crooked teeth can also cause uneven wear, chips, and fractures, which could leave you with sensitive, uncomfortable teeth that are prone to decay. Fortunately, modern orthodontic care is more convenient than ever before. Dr. Kerbel is please to offer ClearCorrect invisible aligners, a system of custom-made acrylic retainers that look great while straightening your smile.

ClearCorrect Invisible Aligners

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Traditional braces are effective, but they come with a few serious downsides. In addition to making anyone who wears them look like a teenager, metal braces also contain sharp brackets and wires that can cut your cheeks. To top it off, traditional braces can make it difficult for patients to brush and floss their teeth properly, which can leave people with yellowed teeth after their orthodontic care is finally finished.

ClearCorrect invisible aligners resolve many of these age-old orthodontic challenges. ClearCorrect aligners are removable, which means that patients can take them out to eat, play sports, or look their best. In addition to being largely invisible to the naked eye, ClearCorrect also make it possible for patients to brush, floss, and rinse properly so they can maintain their oral hygiene throughout orthodontic treatment. Lastly, because ClearCorrect invisible aligners are customized for each person, treatment tends to be faster than traditional orthodontic care.

ClearCorrect Can Help You


ClearCorrect invisible aligners are incredibly effective. A few of the alignment issues ClearCorrect invisible aligners can address are:

  • Overbites and underbites
  • Crowding and overlapped teeth
  • Spaces between the teeth
  • Tilted teeth or rotated teeth

The Process of Getting ClearCorrect Invisible Aligners

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If you decide to move forward with getting ClearCorrect invisible aligners, Dr. Kerbel will start by taking photos, impressions, and x-rays of your teeth. These images and impressions are used to create a 3D rendering of your teeth, which is then used to design a series of invisible aligners that will fit perfectly.

Using 3D technology, advanced milling machines, and rendering software, the dental lab creates a series of invisible retainers designed to move your teeth into their desired location. To help patients to acclimate to wearing retainers, ClearCorrect can design a “Phase Zero” retainer that doesn’t move the teeth at all. This “passive aligner” is helpful because it gives patients a better idea of what will be involved during the ClearCorrect process, and gives them a chance to “practice” with the aligner. Patients typically receive their first “active” set of retainers within a few weeks after their initial fitting, and will receive a new active retainer every two weeks until the teeth are completely straightened. Treatment times vary depending on how crooked the teeth were when treatment begins, but on average, ClearCorrect aligners are worn under a year.

To find out if ClearCorrect is right for you, contact Dr. Gregory Kerbel’s office to schedule a consultation. Dr. Kerbel is one of the best cosmetic dentists in Garland, and will evaluate the alignment of your teeth, show you ClearCorrect invisible aligners, and answer any questions you may have. Because the orthodontic care timeline can vary from patient to patient, Dr. Kerbel can also give you a good idea regarding how long you might need to wear ClearCorrect invisible aligners. Contact us today to start on the path to a brighter, straighter smile!