Gum Recession Treatment in Garland, TX

Janet D. on gum recession treatment

Have your gums pulled back from your teeth, exposing your tooth roots and leaving them sensitive? Are you self-conscious about your “toothy” smile? If you think you could benefit from a gum recession treatment in Garland, TX, contact Dr. Kerbel, Dr. Callier, and Dr. Margolin!

At our Garland, TX dentist office, we work with periodontist Dr. Mark Margolin so you can maintain a healthy, beautiful smile from the gums up!

Our Gum Recession Treatment Process

If your gums have receded, we offer two different solutions.

Depending on your situation, Dr. Margolin may be able to use the innovative Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique. If you are a good candidate for this option, Dr. Margolin will:

  • Make a small hole in your gums above the affected area
  • Use special tools to loosen your gums
  • Gently pull your gumline back down where it should be and hold it in place with collagen strips

The Pinhole technique typically has a short recovery period – many of our patients heal overnight!

Dr. Margolin can also improve your gumline and protect your tooth roots using a gum graft. In this case, he will use a graft of tissue taken from the roof of your mouth to improve your gumline.

We Ensure Your Comfort

Both of our gum recession treatments work very well and have their respective advantages. Regardless of which you choose, we will ensure your comfort by numbing the area before we begin improving your smile.

If you happen to be nervous about the procedure, we can also use dental sedation options to relieve your dental anxiety.

We even provide ceiling-mounted TVs and headphones in every care room so you can enjoy your favorite shows while we work!

To get your ideal gumline back with a gum recession treatment in Garland, TX, call our team at (972) 278-9901. You can also use our online form.