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Dental Implants in Garland, TX

Dental Implant Garland, TX

Tooth loss is incredibly common, with the average American adult losing 5 permanent teeth between the ages of 20 and 64. Although you might assume that losing a tooth won’t change your life significantly, tooth loss can alter the way you eat, smile and talk. To make matters worse, since your jaw tissue only maintains its density when it is stimulated by normal chewing, losing a tooth can mean extensive bone loss, which will alter the shape of your jaw and the contours of your face. Fortunately, dental implants help to protect against bone loss while restoring your smile’s natural beauty.

The Dental Implant Process

Before dental implants can be placed, Dr. Kerbel will need to check the health of your gums, the surrounding teeth, and your jawbone. Dr. Kerbel will also talk with you about your medical history, current medical conditions, and oral health habits to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implant surgery. If your smile is healthy enough for dental implants, Dr. Kerbel will create an individualized treatment plan with you to determine your implant procedure timeline.

The first step of the dental implant process is having the post placed into your jaw. This artificial root consists of a small titanium screw that fuses with your natural jawbone tissue to create a strong, stable implant. After the post or posts are placed, your jaw will need time to heal. Healing time varies from patient to patient, but on average, most people can expect their jaws to heal within 6 to 12 weeks.

Next, a small connector called an abutment is placed on the end of the post. After abutments are in place, Dr. Kerbel will make an impression of your implant location so that your new dental crown will fit perfectly. These impressions are sent to a dental lab, where dental technicians will create a personalized crown customized for your smile. As soon as this crown is ready, it will be cemented over the abutment, polished, and cleaned.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Modern dental implants have an extremely high success rate, hovering near 100%. Here are some of the incredible benefits that you will enjoy if you choose dental implants over other restoration options.

  • Natural, Beautiful Look
  • Unlike other restorations, which might not look natural or realistic, dental implants look completely life-like. Because they are independently supported and don’t require any wires, brackets, or “wings,” your dental implants will be indistinguishable from your natural teeth.
  • Preserve Bone Tissue

Once a tooth is lost, the jawbone tissue starts to melt away. In fact, research has shown that people can lose as much as 25% of their dental ridge height within the first year after losing a tooth. However, dental implants recreate the natural relationship between the jaw and the teeth, keeping your bone healthy and strong.

  • Low Maintenance

Dental implants are incredibly low-maintenance, requiring only the same brushing and flossing routine used for your natural teeth.

  • Improved Nutrition

Because dental implants are anchored firmly into the jaw, patients can continue to enjoy healthy foods, such as crunchy fruits and vegetables. Because of this, dental implant patients are frequently able to reap the benefits of a healthier diet than patients who opt for bridges or dentures.

  • Avoid Embarrassment

To top it all off, dental implants help you to avoid embarrassing mishaps such as having your dentures slip or fall out. Dental implants can also be used to beautify your smile and improve your self-confidence.


If you are interested in dental implants in Garland, Texas, contact Dr. Gregory Kerbel Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. By investing in yourself today, you’ll enjoy a happier and healthier tomorrow.