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Root Canal Therapy

Save Teeth With Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Therapy: What Is Root Canal Treatment and Why Do I Need It?

root-canal-therapy-garlandThere are many misconceptions about Root Canal Therapy, otherwise know as Endodontic Therapy, that exist. Dr. Kerbel desires to help you understand some of the myths concerning Root Canal Therapy and after your comprehensive examination in our Dallas Dental Office he will explain your options to you if Root Canal Therapy is indicated.

An often reported myth is that a badly infected tooth, or a tooth with significant decay, must be removed (tooth extraction), but today that is not accurate. Most teeth, if diagnosed early enough, can be saved by performing Root Canal treatment. Our desire is to help you save your teeth, rather than removing them and having to then replace the missing tooth with another dental restorative option.

Another often reported myth is that Root Canal Therapy is always painful. Dr. Kerbel wants all of your treatment to be comfortable and painless; in fact most of his patients sleep through the procedure without any “sleeping medications.”

The last myth that we often hear about Root Canal Treatment is that “the roots are going to be removed.” Nothing could be further from the truth as only the nerve is removed from within the root itself. The tooth roots are left intact and the nerve causing the problem is removed so healing can begin. If Root Canal Therapy is needed, Dr. Kerbel will explain to you why it is needed and your options.

While this list is not comprehensive, here are a few reasons that Root Canal Treatment is necessary:

  • Pain or throbbing while chewing or biting.
  • Temperature sensitivity to hot and/or cold foods.
  • Significant decay into the nerve of the tooth
  • A traumatic tooth injury that requires Root Canal Therapy
  • An abscess (infection) in the bone found below a tooth

After Root Canal Therapy the tooth may need to have a Crown buildup, or even a post to help protect the tooth and to give the tooth the additional strength it will need for chewing. After a thorough exam, Dr. Kerbel will give you all your options and together you will be able to make the treatment decision that best suits your situation.

Dallas Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Therapy can be done comfortably and success rates for teeth that have been Root Canal Treated have been reported to be as high as 95%. It is important to get treatment early because early treatment will prevent more extensive procedures and will improve your success rate.


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