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Providing Dallas Dental Crowns in Garland, TX

Cosmetic Dental Crowns for Dallas in Garland, TXTo strengthen weak teeth, repair damaged teeth, or simply to change their appearance, dental crowns are a long-lasting and beautiful option for Dallas area patients. Dental crowns consist of a thin, tooth-shaped cap which is applied over your existing tooth to cover and protect it. Crowns are designed to function just like healthy teeth, allowing you to eat and to smile just like you always have.

The Dental Crown Process

Applying dental crowns can take two or more visits. During the first, we’ll remove a thin layer from the surface of your tooth to make room for the crown, and then take a mold of your mouth to help create a precisely-fitted crown. You may be given a premade temporary crown to wear until your permanent crown is ready. Between your first and second visit, the crown is created in a lab. When you return, we’ll check the fit of the crown and cement it in place.

Dental Crown Materials

Dental crowns can be formed from a variety of materials, including various metals, metal fused to porcelain, and composite resins. For permanent crowns, we usually recommend our handmade porcelain, as the ceramic used offers the best and most natural aesthetics. Each one is custom-made to fit your smile and match the teeth around it. Porcelain crowns are generally indistinguishable from a healthy tooth, and will beautify your smile for years to come.

Dental Crown Restorations

Crowns are often used to protect and strengthen teeth which have been damaged by an accident or by decay. If your tooth has cracked into pieces, a crown can help hold it together. If much of the tooth structure has been destroyed by a cavity, a crown can help preserve what remains. Dallas cosmetic dentist Dr. Kerbel aims to retain as much of your natural tooth structure as possible to help keep your mouth healthy.

Cosmetic Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can be applied to undamaged teeth for cosmetic reasons, to change their shape, size, and brightness to fit the desired image. Crowns may be used on individual teeth, or on a row of teeth to improve your entire smile.

Dental Crown Supported Bridges

When filling in gaps in your mouth, a dental bridge can often be attached to healthy teeth on either end by covering those teeth with crowns. To learn more about this process, visit our Dental Bridges page.


Whether for structural or aesthetic purposes, crowns are an excellent option to cover, strengthen, and beautify your teeth. Contact us or request an appointment online to begin the process of enhancing your smile.