Oral Surgery From an Experienced Dental Team in Garland, TX

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Do you need a problem tooth removed? Do you need to strengthen your jaw for a restorative dentistry procedure? If you think you could benefit from our oral surgery options, contact our team for a consultation!

At our Garland, TX dentist office, Dr. Gregory Kerbel, Dr. Logan Callier, Dr. Mark Margolin and our professional team offer several oral surgery options to fit your needs!

If there is any chance of pain or discomfort during your procedure, we’ll numb the area with an anesthetic before we begin. We can also relieve your dental anxiety with dental sedation options to improve your experience!

Tooth Removals / Extractions

In some cases, the best thing for your oral and overall health is to remove severely damaged or infected teeth. In this situation, we will perform a gentle tooth removal or extraction.

Or perhaps your tooth is healthy but you need to make room for dentures or other restorative treatment – we can help you there too!

Ridge Augmentation And Bone Grafts

If your jaw has become weakened or the socket that formerly held a now-missing tooth has deteriorated, we can provide a bone graft or ridge augmentation so you can get the dental implants you want!

Sinus Lifts

Another obstacle that may be standing in the way of you getting dental implants in your upper jaw is a sinus membrane that is too low. We’ll lift the membrane so you can get the restorative treatment you need!

Gum Grafts

If your gums have pulled back from your teeth, Dr. Margolin can use a gum graft to perform a gum recession treatment.

Call our dentists at  (972) 278-9901 for a consultation on oral surgery in Garland, TX! You can also use our online form to schedule or ask questions.