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Brandi S.

Well, I have a husband and three daughters and a son. Everybody's grown up super fast and I wanted to be able to come to a dentistry that my whole family could enjoy. It's been really nice. We've really enjoyed being here. Usually, when people go to the dentist, they're nervous or, you know, but once you walk in, I mean, it just feels like walking into home. You know, everybody's so sweet and ...

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Marcus O.

I guess I'd been snoring a lot of my life and I didn't realize how much. My wife, over time, started commenting more and more about, "Hey, I'm not really ..." She said she wasn't sleeping very well because of my snoring. I actually ended up going out on a men's retreat with my church, and then several of the guys said, "Hey, your snoring is not just bad, but you're not breathing." Then I asked my ...

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Skutch M.

I've been hard on my teeth. My mother had had them. I was familiar with them from a young age and figured I might be ... have some in store for me. It was a very painstaking, not painful, but painstaking process of correctly identifying the teeth that were eligible and then the extraction, followed by the implant, and then the healing process. And the gum growth during that healing process is ...

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Vance S.

I got a full-mouth reconstruction on the top, my top 10, and those were crowns. They look very similar to what I had except my teeth were very brittle on the ends and they were starting to crack. So rather than have an accident later, I just went ahead and decided to do the full-on front 10. It was very simple, again. What we did, we went in and we got all the teeth ready ... and measured them ...

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