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What Our Patients are Saying


A standard of excellence: Dr. Kerbel and his entire staff are the greatest. When my family and I enter the office we become part of the Kerbel family. I am greeted and well taken care of. The doctor and his team are concerned about my family’s needs. They listen and offer helpful suggestions. I never feel burdened when I am in his care. Doubt never enters my mind about treatment because I know that the Kerbel family cares about the Rangel family. Thank you.
– Chris Rangel

Dr. Kerbel is hands-down the best dentist I have ever visited. His exemplary skills are a true reflection of his meticulous attention to detail, his unequaled experience, and his love for people. If you want perfection in dentistry, don’t go anywhere else; Dr. Kerbel is the ultimate.
– Jon Neill

Today I received a new crown on my upper front tooth. This will be my third crown in the past twelve years and it is hands down the best shape and shade. Dr. Kerbel knew the best product to match my permanent teeth and worked to match the shape perfectly. His technique and products were so superior that my temporary crown looked and fit better than my two previous crowns. There is no doubt Dr. Kerbel will care for me and my family when it comes to dentistry.
– Robert Payton

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Kerbel’s for over 10 years, requiring procedures from routine maintenance to porcelain crowns on my front teeth. Every procedure has been painless, and the results have exceeded my expectations. Dr. Kerbel and his staff are highly trained professionals. They demonstrate an impressive intuitive interaction with one another. Their teamwork is unsurpassed and their office operates like a well oiled machine. I recommend Dr. Kerbel to anyone who is in need for dental health care or esthetic/cosmetic dentistry.
– Tony Turnage

I have to travel 45 minutes to see Dr. Kerbel and it is worth it. I have a trust for his work, attitude, and consideration. I love the high tech amenities built around my comfort. The staff greets me during every visit and are always looking to keep me a t ease. I am looking forward to a long relationship.
– Ray Irizarry

Dr. Kerbel and his staff have the unique gift of providing exceptional empathetic service to their patients. As well, Dr. Kerbel’s high-tech office and equipment make the procedures for the patient an extreme ease. I will be actually looking forward to visiting the dentist!
– Tracy Holsten

I have been a patient of Dr. Kerbel’s for over two years. He and his staff make an outstanding team. From the first visit, I have experienced a warm and welcoming staff. They are informative and professional in their approach with clients. The staff is efficient and time sensitive to the patient’s busy schedules. The next member of this valuable team is Dr. Kerbel himself. Over the years, I have had numerous dentists and it is my experience that gives me confidence that Dr. Kerbel is at the top of his field. He is both knowledgeable and honest. He is never in a rush. He desires his patients to gain full understanding of their many options. It is this combination of both staff and doctor that makes my trips to the dentist a winning experience.
– Donna Bashrum

I have been a patient of Dr. Kerbel’s since we moved to Texas last year and I truly feel blessed to have him as my dentist. I trust his work and am so pleased with the veneers he made to replace my bonding. I’ve waited many years to find the right dentist to do this procedure and I could not be happier with the result. His office staff and nurses provide excellent service as well.
– Angela Henderson

Dr. Kerbel and his staff are exceptional! I have always had a fear of dentists, but since coming to Dr. Kerbel that fear is completely gone. I just wish I had found him and his staff years ago. Now our whole family will be seeing Dr. Kerbel and his staff for years to come. Thank you so much for my beautiful new smile. God Bless!!!
– Tanyia Owen

Since the moment of my arrival at Dr. Kerbel’s office I have felt at ease and enthusiastic about restoring my teeth to a pleasant, healthy state. The staff is amazing, very friendly, and make you feel at ease. I have been thoroughly impressed with Dr. Kerbel himself and his work. The state of the art technology, coupled with the friendly staff would make me recommend Dr. Kerbel to anyone. He is truly an artist.
– Jay Brushwood

My visits to Dr. Kerbel have been the greatest. I have had a lot of work done and have had different dentists in the past, and Dr. Kerbel is the best. He never seems to rush and makes sure that you are comfortable at all times. I started using him 11 years ago and unfortunately had to relocate. I never found another dentist to compare to him. Now I am back in the Dallas area and I am so happy to drive the distance to see him. I highly recommend him and his wonderful staff. You’ll never be treated better at any other dental office!
– Patricia Minard

I needed a miracle and fast! I needed a reliable trusting dentist. I am new to the area and had to meet a deadline for dental work. I saw the Shepherd’s Guide and was blessed with Dr. Kerbel and his staff. They are all professionals, caring and going beyond their area to meet your needs in a loving pain free, relaxed atmosphere. To say the least; they me my needs and deadline 10 days early! It’s a piece of heaven here on earth!
– Martha Rodriguez

Visits to the dentist began for me as a very young child. This was back when very little was done to prevent pain–still I always had regular appointments, with a lot of pain. I have been a patient of many dentists until 13 years ago. Now, I have the dentist that I hope will be taking care of my dental needs for the rest of my life. Dr. Kerbel is a true professional in every way. He is caring and concerned for each of his patients. At last, my visits are “Pain Free.” I feel like I am getting the most up-to-date treatment available. He is a true scholar of dentistry and I recommend Dr. Kerbel to all my friends and family.
– Barbara Russell

I received excellent advice on restoring my teeth, as well as care from Dr. Gregory Kerbel. The staff are efficient and caring, and the office environment is very pleasing. I had a complete restoration of my upper teeth and the change is very dramatic. The crowns that were replaced fit much better than any I have had in the past and the color matching was fantastic. Thank you, Dr. Kerbel and staff!
– Nancy Knittle

The office is friendly and informative and they make sure you understand exactly what they will be doing and they answer any questions regarding your visit. With the massage pads in the chairs, TVs and headphones and your own remote, you almost forget about the procedure taking place. I recommend Dr. Kerbel and his office and I am very picky about my teeth and smile and I feel very comfortable leaving it in their care.
– Ashly Westbrook

When I came to Dr. Kerbel and his staff my mouth was a mess. I had faithfully gone for my routine dental care and restoration of decayed areas but to my surprise there was trouble underneath the crown and bridgework I was working so hard to maintain. The expertise of Dr. Kerbel and his staff together with their cutting edge technology revealed the need I had for additional treatment. Now 3 years later, I have a mouth that is free of pain, tooth structure has been saved and restored, the appearance of my teeth is dramatically changed for the better and I have been instructed in a maintenance program which will enable me to keep my teeth, enjoy using them and be proud of the appearance for many years to come. I could not give Dr. Kerbel and his staff a higher recommendation. I am blessed to have them in my life.
– Trudy Sheek

Wow! I don’t know what to say except that my experience with Dr. Kerbel and his wonderful staff has changed my opinion about seeing a dentist. I have put off going to see a dentist for 20 years and they treated me here like I was special. My wife and children love it too! Everyone here is so prompt, courteous, kind, and professional. Thank you…
– Ted Tutor

I would like to say that Dr. Kerbel and his staff are “The Best!” It has been a long time since I have had dental work done because I never found a dentist that I felt comfortable with. My experiences with the dental treatment and with the staff have been awesome. Everyone here has made me feel so comfortable and it is a good feeling to know how much Dr. Kerbel and the staff cares for their patients.
– Christina Garza

Dr. Kerbel makes you feel so relaxed and keeps you informed of what is happening every step of the way. He is always on time. If you have a 2:00 appointment, the he has you ready to go at 2:00, no waiting. The staff is also very professional. They know what they are doing here.
– Joe Musil

Dr. Kerbel got me in fast and got the work done. Everything was totally painless. I used to have a real problem going to the dentist because I had been to so many bad ones. I was really afraid of dentists. But Dr. Kerbel has been great. He has treated me with tender care, easing my fears and keeping me always comfortable, and he does really great work! I’ve torn up lots of dental work, but his work has lasted. I won’t go anywhere else.
– Ruth Kensinger

They just don’t make dentist visits like they used to. THANK GOD!!!! Televisions in the ceiling, headphones, remote controls, massaging dental chairs, and fruit smoothies. What a wonderful, pain-free experience. Thank you Dr. Kerbel and staff.
– Fran McIntyre

Dr. Kerbel is the best dentist I have ever had! When I moved overseas for 3 years, I even came back to Dr. Kerbel whenever I was in Dallas. Now, since moving back to Dallas, I am so glad that I may now enjoy the super-efficient, very caring services, of the entire “Kerbel family” all the time. As far as I am concerned, there is no better dental practice anywhere!
– Becca Bowen, Clothes and Closet Concierge

Root canal.”…the dreaded words. I admit I’m a wimp when it comes to dentistry, but this was over the top for me! Well miracles do happen. I survived, and it truly was painless. Really. That’s why I drive an hour to see Dr. Kerbel. The staff is awesome and efficient. Hopefully I won’t ever need another “serious” visit, but if I do, I would not go anywhere else!
Monica Cypert

Everyone is always so polite and helpful. The office staff goes out of their way to help with payment plans and other payment options. Dr. Kerbel does such a great job making every appointment painless and enjoyable. I honestly cannot think of one thing I would change. Since I have been using Dr. Kerbel I actually look forward to my visits.
– E. Carter

I am 63 years old, and I can honestly say that the service and treatment I received here is unsurpassable. For sure this is in the Top 5 Finds of my life
– William Incardona

Wow! I have been to a lot of dentists and boy do they have a lot to learn. This office should be an example of how people should be treated and how they should receive care. I love Dr. Kerbel’s way of doing things. The staff is great! He really should teach a class on how to properly numb a patient without pain. I am so glad I came here first.
– Kim Simms

I can’t even begin to tell you my fears of dentists that I have had since I was little. I love, love, love Dr. Kerbel and all of his staff. This is the best place to come! Everyone here really does care about you and always welcomes you with a smile. My 3 year old loves to come because they are all so nice to him. Dr Kerbel has forever changed my feelings on dentists. I can’t believe I really look forward to going to the dentist now. I am so grateful for everything he does. Thank you Dr. Kerbel for just being you!
– Nicole McLean

I feel like part of the family at Dr. Kerbel’s office. Everyone is so kind, friendly, helpful, and they know my name. I feel confident that I am getting the best dental care available because of their training and the treatment provided.
– Annette Chinske

I’d put off a very necessary visit to the dentist for a long time because of lack of time and fear. Eventually the pain became too great and I reluctantly visited Dr. Kerbel. I was extremely pleased with my experience. The effort everyone in the office puts forth in making you feel at ease, and the completeness and clarity with which everything is explained really helped with that fear. Dr. Kerbel was fast, complete, and obviously really knows his stuff!
– Andrew Baker

Dr. Kerbel has not only met but has exceeded all of my expectations. The setting of the office is very comfortable. The staff is incredibly nice. I have never felt more at ease in a dentist office than here. I could not dream of better service. I am completely satisfied.
– C. Ingram

What a great way to start out the New Year with my new outstanding dentist. My dentist had retired, and my brother had highly recommended Dr. Kerbel to me. I can hardly describe on paper what a very pleasant experience this trip to the dentist was for me. Dr Kerbel is so very kind and understanding and very precise in diagnosing the procedures he plans to implement. He makes you feel completely at ease. I was not the least bit apprehensive because I immediately knew I would have excellent dental care. When you first walk in the beautifully decorated office, all his staff immediately make you feel right at home! Each one of his staff is so very efficient and friendly that you know you have made the right decision. I know I have started this New Year with complete confidence with my new dentist and his staff. I am so thankful to my brother for telling me about Dr. Kerbel!!
– Jean Adwan

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Kerbel’s for a long time. Each visit I am greeted with a nice hello and always on time. Dr. Kerbel takes great care and pride in his work. He listens to the needs and concerns of each patient, making sure to give the best service possible. Not only is he a great dentist, he has also done a great job at putting together the best staff.
– Marcy Hancock


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