Brandi S.

Well, I have a husband and three daughters and a son. Everybody’s grown up super fast and I wanted to be able to come to a dentistry that my whole family could enjoy. It’s been really nice. We’ve really enjoyed being here.

Usually, when people go to the dentist, they’re nervous or, you know, but once you walk in, I mean, it just feels like walking into home. You know, everybody’s so sweet and it just makes it a pleasurable experience to be at the dentist.

We’ve really enjoyed it. My children love coming. They get their little blankets and massage chairs. It makes it a nice experience for the whole family. Just being here at Dr. Kerbel’s office, it accommodates the whole family’s needs and we don’t have to go to too many places.

Hands down, I would definitely recommend Dr. Kerbel’s office. I think anybody that would step into their office would feel at home and feel relaxed and I have no doubt anybody nearby would enjoy coming to this practice.