Marcus O.

I guess I’d been snoring a lot of my life and I didn’t realize how much. My wife, over time, started commenting more and more about, “Hey, I’m not really …” She said she wasn’t sleeping very well because of my snoring. I actually ended up going out on a men’s retreat with my church, and then several of the guys said, “Hey, your snoring is not just bad, but you’re not breathing.” Then I asked my wife, “Have you noticed me holding my breath?” She’s like, “Yeah, absolutely. You go several seconds without breathing. You might want to go talk to somebody about that.” So I did talk to Dr. Kerbel about it and he recommended me considering that option, and tried it, and my sleep has been really good. I wake up rested every morning. In fact, I’ve recommended it to others.

I have a sleep tracker on my watch and it actually showed my sleep as being 7 hours, 32 minutes on average—undisturbed—over three hours of deep sleep. So I was not getting that before, so it’s definitely an improvement. I am recommending it to several of my friends who do have sleep apneas, to come see Dr. Kerbel and possibly look at this as an alternative because a lot of them travel, like I do, and taking one of those masks, those CPAPs, is impractical for somebody that travels as much as I do. I’m usually out of the country at least once a month and it would be impossible to take a CPAP in those kind of circumstances.

The quality of care, in my experience, and I’ve been to dentists all over the world, is actually unmatched in terms of friendliness, but also professionalism and the technology. I mean, they do things where they show the inside of your mouth and explain to you exactly how they’re working and using the latest technology to resolve your problems or just keep you clean.