Skutch M.

I’ve been hard on my teeth. My mother had had them. I was familiar with them from a young age and figured I might be … have some in store for me. It was a very painstaking, not painful, but painstaking process of correctly identifying the teeth that were eligible and then the extraction, followed by the implant, and then the healing process. And the gum growth during that healing process is critical, as well as the knitting of the bone. And both … well, all of them, the four that I’ve had were done perfectly, no complications whatsoever. So, I was extremely pleased by that. The implant has certainly maintained my quality of life. I can eat without concerns and also, my appearance is enhanced by the resulting implants as well.

They’ve always been capable of financing the major repairs and I’ve taken advantage of it multiple times. And it’s also attractive because they offer a zero percent period where if you pay the bill within that period, you don’t pay any interest on top of the charge … on top of the payments, which makes it all the more affordable. You can have complete confidence in Dr. Kerbel in terms of his capabilities, his knowledge, and his expertise. He’s the best.