Vance S.

I got a full-mouth reconstruction on the top, my top 10, and those were crowns. They look very similar to what I had except my teeth were very brittle on the ends and they were starting to crack. So rather than have an accident later, I just went ahead and decided to do the full-on front 10. It was very simple, again. What we did, we went in and we got all the teeth ready … and measured them all out and came back in. We picked the color, came back, and installed. Then, after they were installed, we kind of went back and made sure the shapes were exactly what I was asking for. They feel very natural. The process, it’s almost like I didn’t have any work done, except they look nicer, nice good color.

I would say if you’re looking to get a full-teeth reconstruction or just a consultation, they’ll guide you in the right direction. Dr. Kerbel is not one to lead you down a path—something he wants for you—it’s what you want for yourself. So, if you’re coming in to just ask Dr. Kerbel’s opinion on, “What do you think I should do to upgrade my smile, or fix my teeth?” He spot-on tells you straight up what you need, doesn’t try to give you something that you don’t need. So yeah, I would trust Dr. Kerbel’s opinion wholeheartedly.